a day in the life

Today I had off again and spent it with my best friend Baby Tooth* (who is also my cousin, I got lucky..she was born to be my person.)

Our first stop? Panera Bread! It’s a fave place of both of ours. I love their holiday shortbread cookies, but today I got the red velvet one instead, it wasn’t a winner..I’ll be going back to the shortbread ones.


After we filled our bellies, we went to grab some candy for the movies. We both have a HUGE sweet tooth!


We saw Rise of the Guardians and almost had the theater to ourselves, there was only 6 other people..(that’s what happens when you see a kid movie at 1:30 in the afternoon.) As avid animated film lovers, this one didn’t disappoint! It was really funny and had a great story. We are both big kids at heart and can’t wait to get it on DVD.


That blurry little person would be Baby Tooth herself in an empty theater.

After a yummy dinner with her parents and a little Home Alone, we hit the gym.


Doesn’t she have the cutest kicks?!

Then we stopped by to see the most gorgeous Christmas tree..it’s at a local college and is always one of my favorite things this time of year. We’ve decided a walk to it will now be a new holiday tradition!


All and all, it was a perfect day with my person. Xo

*names have been changed (obviously…!)

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