A tribute…

To those cheesy, low budget, made for tv Xmas movies. You know the ones, they’re playing non-stop on Lifetime, Hallmark Channel, and even channel 3 where I live (which isn’t even a real channel, well it was when I was younger…It had Shop Til You Drop and Supermarket Sweep, which was the best game show ever, I plan on doing a whole post on why.) I have something to confess, I’m addicted to them. I need a support group. Like I’m talking I won’t watch anything else, I’ll dvr my shows just so I can watch another one. Currently I have 2 on my dvr in my room and 3 on the one in the living room, I need help. My dad and I will actually watch the whole 2 hour movie and then say how terrible it was, while continuing to find another. However I’ve got some faves…My month was made when I found ‘Borrowed Hearts’ on demand (it’s from 1997, it’s a classic, I’ve watched it 6 times already..) I actually was yelling “WOOOOHOOOO!” when I found it. ‘Christmas Everyday’ is saved on the dvr, it’s a gem. You know the one, with Erik von Detten from ’96, where he wakes up and it’s Christmas again day after day? (Oh, you don’t, well by all means look for it on ABCFamily’s 25 days of Christmas, you won’t be disappointed.) There’s a new one that came out last year, ‘Dear Santa’ that in my house we’ve dubbed the ‘Borrowed Hearts’ of the 2011. Okay, so the acting isn’t going to win any Oscars, but it’s good family fun. Now I’ve seen some real duds, I won’t call them losers, I will just say they “aren’t winners”. Such as, ‘Christmas Twister’, god, it was awful. We only caught the last 30 minutes (we were waiting for another one to start..) and I really wish I hadn’t seen that much of it. The budget had to have been $550.00 and the person who wrote it must have had way to much eggnog. If you stumble across it, do yourself a favor and just keep going. Or open a bottle of Pinot Noir and laugh at everything. Another terrible one I just watched was, ‘All About Christmas Eve’ it was on Lifetime and I’m still confused. What was with all the back and forth, did she miss the plane and catch Stephen from the Hills cheating on her, or did she actually not til later? Haylie Duff, even you’ve gotta admit, it was confusing. But then again, I guess you did something right, cause I did dvr it and watch the whole 2 hours. I wonder how you get to star in one of these…hmm, I think I need an agent. So now you know that if they continue to make ’em, I’ll continue to watch ’em. Cupcake ya later, Xo.


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