12 days of Christmas_day 12

So we’ve reached day 12, but it isn’t Christmas Eve you say? Well, duh..I messed up and started earlier (hopefully you’ve been following along with my blog and knew that already..) That means, after today, there will be one final cupcake post. But on to today…



Awe, this cupcake soap is too cute and will be the perfect addition to my bathroom! I’m spending the rest of the day wrapping and grocery shopping and relaxing before the busiest day of the year at work tomorrow. Quite frankly, I’m ready for it to be over. Retail really takes the fun out of the holidays. But I will find some holiday cheer somewhere (I hope) and it probably will be in the bottom of a red Starbucks cup. I am excited to spend time with my family and see their faces after they open the gifts I give them. Here’s to finding some cheer if it kills me and after what happened to me on Friday at work, it just may (I’ll blog about that once the Christmas excitement dies down..) Xo


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