Back in action.

Phew, another Christmas has come and (thankfully) has gone. I swear I’ve eaten enough the past 3 days to feed a small country in Africa. Each year, I try to tell myself “only have things you get at this time of year” and then before you know it I’ve had seconds of Nona’s lasagna and 3 brownies. Oh well, next year, I’ll try again. It was a fun day, full of laughs, family, and food (ugh..!) The highlight had to be Skyping my Grandpa who lives in Florida this time of year. I haven’t seen him since October and I’ve missed his cute face! Another highlight, was babytooth and myself had on matching outfits (red pants are all the rage right now.) All and all it was a fabulous and tiring day. Now on to a new year, which has me thinking about resolutions..I always make ’em and wind up breaking them. So should I even attempt to make some..hmm I’m still on the fence. If I do end up going ahead and making some, have no fear, I’ll blog them here! Maybe that should be my first one, I should try to rhyme as often as I can…on second thought, maybe not. Until next time, Xo.

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