Guest Blogger…


Someone wanted to help mommy blog, here’s Zoey’s first post.

Hello there blogworld, Buggy in the building. “Buggy” is my nickname, my mom gave it to me when I was little cause I’m her love bug. Today is a sleepy day on the couch with mommy and grandpa. I chased Wally around the house and made Rbi run into grandpa’s room and sleep. Mommy is nice and rubbing my back. I want a treat, so I’m gonna go in the kitchen and see if someone will get me one since I can’t reach the shelf they’re on. Darn being a little girl, I’m not a good jumper, can’t even get on mommy’s bed (well I did once.) Oh there’s my new pink squeaky doggy toy. Gotta play. Kisses and cuddles. Buggy out!


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