A tribute…

To a show that has become a household obsession, The Vampire Diaries on CW. On twitter, episodes of this show are referred to as “EPICsodes” because every episode has a moment or two or ten that makes you gasp and think OMG! It is well written, well acted, has an amazing cast, and is just all around a great show. I highly recommend TVD to anyone and everyone. Start from the beginning, pick a brother, and fall into Mystic Falls.

I personally am #teamstefen. And by that I mean, I want Stefan to be with…me of course. Paul Wesley is brilliant as the vampire who struggles with his roots and dark side. And he is incredibly handsomely gorgeous. (In person, Paul isn’t that tall, the camera makes him look like a tall guy.)

I could talk about the show for hours on end. I’ll never forget how uninterested I was in when it first came out, “It’s like a Twilight knock-off, two guys fighting over one girl” is the exact quote I told my dad, he had dvred it and wanted to see if I’d like to watch it with him (little did I know, the book series the show is based off of, came out in the early 90’s.) So I did, cause there was nothing else on tv that random afternoon…And the rest, as they say, is history..we attended our first TVDcon this past August and will probably go again. We have weekly debates about this theory and theory and who we want to see who with, it’s honestly the best show on tv. I watch a lot of different types of shows and have a favorite in each genre, but hands down, TVD is by far my can not miss, no one talk or text me during, will watch episodes again and again favorite show. I am counting down the days (7!!!) to when it’s back! Until next time, Brother. Xo


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