Three Obsessions

1_Nashville the tv show; Holy crap, I can’t believe how good this show got. I’ve been watching since it premiered in October, I’m not a huge country person ( I like the occasional song and Carrie Underwood), but this show is great! The drama is undeniable and really holds it’s own, but the music has to be the real star. I literally have loved every song featured on the show. SO SO SO good!

2_Hot raspberry green tea with organic honey. I got a tea sampler before the holidays, it has 10 different types of tea. I was hooked on the orange spice for a week or so, but now have moved on to the raspberry green tea. I also received a jar of organic honey for Christmas and it’s so delish. It adds the perfect amount of sweetness.

3_MacBarbie07’s youtube videos! Ah, I’m hooked. She is literally the cutest person (she reminds me of my bestie Jordan.) Her latest vid shows tips for organizing your room and desk space. She has some really cute ideas and tips. She has two channels (a beauty one and a personal one.) I’ve watched a bunch of videos from both, she always makes me smile.

I have one more obsession to share, so I guess this post shoulda been named Four Obsessions, but anyways I’m OBSESSED with my Sephora Lash Stash sampler! Babytooth’s mom (my aunt, who is more like a mom, I actually call her mom) got this for me cause she knows my mascara addiction. After going a little crazy with it, I’ve decided to use a new one each week and then review it for here. So starting next Saturday, keep your eyes on the look out for my 12 week mascara review! Xo


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