A random post for Tuesday.

Tonight will be the best form of therapy…laughing with my best friends. There is honestly nothing better in the world. I’m lucky that some of my closest friends are also family (ie; babytooth) and tonight we’re going to spend time with our triplet, Mikey or LM as I like to refer to him. We always have the best time, and I always leave our hang out sesh with a bellyache from laughing so damn hard. Even if everything in my life is going great, I feel a 100% better about everything after spending time with these two. 

In other news, I’ve been catching up on tv these past two days..I’ve watched Switched at Birth, Next Great Baker, Deception, The Carrie Diaries, and The Bachelor. And I must say I haven’t been disappointed in any of these shows yet…I know, I know, 2 of them are brand new shows, but I’m hooked on both. Monday nights are becoming a dvr packed night..! I still have to watch Revenge from Sunday and PLL from last week. Phew, too much tv, too little time. Until next time, Xo.


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