Mascara Review #2

Week Two

Buxom Lash Waterproof in Blackest Black




  1. The brush made it easy to reach all the hard to get small lashes.
  2. Gave great volume.
  3. The formula was in between soft and thick. (Not sure if this a pro or a con actually.)
  4. Holds a curl.
  5. Stayed on when I cried. (Okay, I’m normally not a huge crier, but during this process of trying new mascaras, I’ve actually cried every time I wear a new one. And no, I’m not crying because of trying a new mascara..)


  1. Made my lashes kinda clumpy at the ends. (Even tho it claims to be a clump free formula.)
  2. Hard to get all of it off. Even after washing with the wipes and baby shampoo (still my secret weapon!), the dark black color was visible.


To me, this mascara is a good one for day and night. Last week’s (you can see that post here, I felt was better for day or to build on. I would recommend the Buxom Lash to anyone who likes a dark black volumizing mascara. If you’re looking for fuller, a little longer, dark lashes, then head over to here to purchase;

Keep fluttering those lashes, Xo.



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