Three Obsessions!

1_OWater in the flavor mandarin orange. This stuff is seriously so I eating an orange or am I drinking water? It’s hard to tell cause it’s so so so yummy! I have only found it at Stop and Shop so far.

2_Rick Nash from the New York Rangers. Oh goodness. I have a full blown crush. He is not only a really great hockey player, but he is GORGEOUS. Like so handsome. I would let him do unimaginable things. That being said, here’s a top 10 countdown of some of his best goals. They’re all amazing, but the 4th one may be my favorite.

3_Simply Olay Simply Nature Coconut Milk Body Wash. This stuff is so thick and smells delicious. A little goes a long way and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and silky. It’s a new product and I hope they keep it around for a while, cause I’m hooked!

Until tomorrow, Xo.

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