A Book In Review.



I just finished ‘Topping From Below’ by Laura Reese. I borrowed it from a friend who hadn’t gotten to it yet and read it in paperback form (which after using my nook, was strange to hold an actual book.) Anyways, it’s a dark, twisted story about two sisters and how one wants to avenge the other’s death. The plot of the story is captivating and totally sucked me in. I like to think there isn’t much that shocks me while reading, but there was a scene in this book that made me sick to my stomach. The ending of the book took me by surprise, which I like books that make think “oh wow, I didn’t see that coming!” That being said, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books that are dark, twisted, mysterious, but would give a disclaimer that there a few very graphic (possible offending…it did offend me.) in depth scenes. The scenes in retrospect are important, I just wish I had a heads up. I’m off to pick my 6th book of the year, I’m thinking it will be something light and funny. Xo.


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