Diva Demands?

Beyonce is performing at half-time during the SuperBowl tonight and all week long rumors of her rider (a celebrities’ list of things they’d like in their dressing room) have been circling the internet. Naturally it got me thinking..what would be on my rider?! So after much thought, I’ve complied a list of my (diva) demands.

K’s Rider (please accommodate the star with all of these things in her dressing room)

  1. Candles. (4-6 depending on the size of the room) In the scent of vanilla or caramel. The 3 wick ones. Also, have a stress reliever candle available.
  2. 12 bottles of Owater in the flavor mandarin orange. Cold. But not to cold.
  3. 2 pairs of fuzzy socks, the ones with grips on the bottom.
  4. 6 liter size bottles of ginger ale. (any brand, but Canadian Dry.) 3 cold, 3 room temperature.
  5. 1 lemon.
  6. A variety of green tea bags.
  7. 1 jar organic clover honey.
  8. Fancy tea cup and saucer.
  9. 2-3 board games.
  10. A deck of playing cards.
  11. Two long white fluffy hotel style robes.
  12. 2 mirco plush blankets. In any color, but white.
  13. A bottle of Unbreakable perfume.
  14. Cocco Butter lotion. Any brand. Medium size bottle.
  15. A nail file.
  16. A package of rawhide bones for Zoey.
  17. A bowl for water for Zoey.
  18. 1 bottle of voss water.
  19. A bottle of Malibu rum and a bottle of cranberry juice.
  20. Crazy straws.
  21. A white pair of fuzzy slippers.
  22. 1 bag of Baked Lays.
  23. 1 box of nilla wafers.
  24. 1 bag of peppermints. Nice! brand from Walgreens’ if available.
  25. A basket of mixed fresh fruit. Please include red and white grapes if in season.
  26. 1 package of sour cream and chive crackers.
  27. A tray of chocolate covered strawberries. White and Milk chocolate, no dark.
  28. 1 box of white cheddar Cheese Its.
  29. 1 bag peanut m&ms. 1 bag regular m&ms.
  30. 1 package blonde bobbie pins.
  31. 2 Maybelline baby lips. 1 in twinkle. 1 in peppermint.
  32. Lastest issue of Cosmo, Marie Claire, and Glamour.

I learned that it’s better to be specific when making a rider, a couple of months ago, Joan Rivers was performing at a local comedy club and I had the privilege of picking out a couple of bottles of wine for her as per her rider. But she didn’t have any varietals or brands listed! So there I was trying to pick and choose what I thought she would like. I kept refreshing her twitter feed all night to see if she was going to call out the wine I had picked, thankful she didn’t…(I would’ve been mortified if she had.)

As for the big game, I’m rooting for the 49ers (I’ve got some nail polishes riding on them) and my squares, so I can win some money!! Oh and don’t forget to flip over to Animal Planet for some Puppy Bowl action..Zoey loves it and we both really love the kitty halftime show! Laters, Xo.


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