Three Obsessions.

1_Insomniatic by Aly & Aj. This first obsession is an old obsession, that just yesterday I realized I need it back in my life. The album is so good, every song makes you just want to turn it up and belt it out. (Which is exactly what babytooth and I did.) It was a much needed reminder of just how good of an album it was. And since most of the songs fit my life right now, it’s definitely going to be on repeat..

2_Maybelline baby lips in Twinkle. It’s a limited edition shade and it’s perfect. I loved the peppermint and peach one, so when I saw they had new shades out I jumped on this one. I love the packaging it’s so fun and girly. And the smell is too die. I’m going to need to stock up!

3_The Carrie Diaries on cw. Love! As a huge fan of Sex and the City, I’ve seen every episode literally 10 or more times, I was happy to see they were making this prequel. I read the two Carrie Diaries books, and thought they were great, and the show doesn’t disappoint. I’m seriously hooked on it. 

Until tomorrow, Xo.


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