Wishful Wednesday!

Have you ever just had a day where you just kept think “I wish…”? Well today’s that day for me. Here’s a few things “I wish” for…



A vacation!!! I haven’t been away (for more than a night or two) in a couple of years, and I need to just get away. I would pick a place like Disney’s Aulani Hawaiian resort. I feel like it would be the best of both worlds; beach and all those pools. Heaven.

The second thing I wish for on this wishful Wednesday would be a massage. I haven’t gone for one in over a year and I’m so due.

Third wish; to have someone re-do my bedroom. I’m tired of everything in there (I do love my furniture, so I’d keep that.) but I’m just looking to update it. Maybe a new duvet cover would do the trick. Or a new bed frame. I just need a fresh start in there. In fact, I think I’m going to just re-do the shelf over my closet door, as a small pick me up…

Now I just need a genie (or come into some money) to make these things happen! Until mañana, Xo.


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