Good? Morning.

I hate mornings. I don’t like waking up and I despise the alarm going off. And I find nothing worse than getting out of my warm, cozy bed. And despite all that, Don still thinks it’s okay to chat with me when we car pool to work. Like calm down dad, I don’t need you to ask me 30 times how I slept. Clearly whatever my sleep was like it isn’t enough. On this particular morning, I had to make a phone call for him and not only did I have the phone asking me for the next prompt, he’s repeating everything it said. I woke up 10 minutes before I got in the car, why must we discuss every little thing? Ughs, morning person, I am not. I’m going to get a large coffee and something greasy to eat (I’ll track it and move on.), it’s just needed today. To being a night person, cause I don’t even really care for afternoons…Xo. 


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