An open letter to…

Winter Storm Nemo.

Dear Nemo,

Let me count the ways I hate thee, shall we? First of all, you are making me miss TimeFlies tonight in the city. I bought my ticket for this show in October and have been looking forward to this night out with my friends for months. It was the first fun event planned for 2013. Second, you are making everyone CRAZY. My already slightly annoying customers are taking it up 10 notches. Please note it’s 11am and barely flurring and I’ve already been asked more times than I can count if we will be “closing early”. They are stocking up like they all won’t be back tomorrow morning when I open at 9am (which yes, 65% of them will be.) Third, you’re hitting my area at a really shitty time…mid-day. So thanks for making me have to come to work. Why couldn’t you have come middle of the night into the morning so every road would be closed and I could still be in bed? Nemo, my old fishy friend, they never should’ve used your name..cause now I won’t be able to watch ‘Finding Nemo’ without thinking about this shitastic day.


Really effin cranky K

ps. I’m also blaming you for the mascara I got in my bangs. Not really your fault, but I don’t care, it’s on you pal.

UPDATE; Okay, so my concert got postponed! Yay, that makes me so happy. But Nemo, buddy, I’m still pissed at you. And to Nemo’s future friends, DON’T even think about coming to my town on 2/22! 

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