Monday Night (tv) Madness.

On Monday nights, the two dvrs in my house work overtime. Here’s what we watch or dvr on the first night of the work week.

8pm; The Bachelor (watch), The Carrie Diaries (dvr, in my bedroom), Switched At Birth (dvr, in my bedroom)

9pm; Still watching The Bach, The Following (dvr, in the living room), The Next Great Baker (dvr, in my bedroom), Two Broke GIrls (on demand)

10pm; Deception (dvr, in the living room), Hawaii 5-0 (my dad dvrs this in the living room), and we watch The Following we just dvred. My dad also enjoys Castle which he watches on demand cause there’s no way to dvr 3 things at once!

Think they put all this good tv on one night to ease people back into the work week? All I can say is, thank goodness the Rangers haven’t had a Monday night game, cause then who knows what would happen. Xo.


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