Mascara Review #4

Week Four

Benefit They’re Real in Black



  1. The ball on the end of the wand makes it super easy to reach every lash.
  2. The formula was thick and held a curl all day long.
  3. Made my lashes look super long!!
  4. You can wear two coats and not have clumpy lashes.


  1. It’s a thick formula so it takes dedication to get it off. I fell asleep without washing my face one night and when I showered the next am, the result was not pretty. I looked like the Joker. 

Love, love, love this mascara. When I first received this gift, I instantly went to this one and rocked it for the first few days after Xmas. As someone who loves and strives for long lashes, this one never fails to amaze. I will definitely be rocking this one often after I’m done with these reviews! To achieve a long, luscious lashes, head over here; Catch ya later, Xo.


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