50 things I <3

1*Zoey 2*my family 3*days spent with babytooth 4*Disney Channel 5*my nook 6*my besties 7*baby bestie’s laugh 8*my bed/sleep 9*being a daddy’s girl 10*comfortable silence 11*stunting 12*laughing til you cry 13*hearing your favorite song on the radio 14*mini 3 musketeers 15*Pawleys Island 16*spicy mustard 17*playing games with my Grandpa 18*lyrics that fit perfectly into what you’re feeling 19*cotton candy 20*my kitty cats 21*candles 22*nail polish 23*white lights 24*coconut 25*fuzzy socks 26*putting on my slippers after a long day 27*hockey games 28*turning the radio up and jamming out 29*Red Velvet anything 30*magazines 31*movies you can watch over and over and never get tired of them 32*breakfast for dinner 33*Barbie 34*Manhattan 35*Tiffany & Co 36*n’sync 37*high school memories 38*sleepovers 39*the beach 40*LLs 41*caramelized/fried bananas 42*room service 43*dance parties 44*new pjs 45*twitter 46*craisins 47*Britney Spears 48*minions 49*honey 50*anyone who took the time to read this!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Xo.


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