keep calm & freak out??

My anxiety level has reached an all time high ever since the dreaded run in. I’ve been having issues with anxiety every since last May right before I met my favorite celebrity. I actually first thought the new feeling I was getting was an allergic reaction to pineapple, but it turns out that lump in my throat feeling was anxiety. I was no stranger to feeling anxious in certain situations (after coaching cheerleading for 6 years, there’s no worse feeling of anxiety than when your squad is about to hit the mat to compete..), but this feeling was different. It’s more like an ache in my throat and chest..almost like when you dry swallow a big pill, and I seem to wake up with it most days. It’s not pleasant. I don’t have health insurance as my job doesn’t offer it, so I can’t go on medication to help correct the issue. I’ve been looking for remedies to help cure it online, but I’m not sold on any just yet. I’ve been toying around with the idea of going to an energist that family friends go to and swear by. I think being a planner by nature, this anxious feeling is making me feel out of control, a feeling that I truly hate. I wasn’t sure why I decided to discuss this here, but I just felt like sometimes I use this as my journal, so why not? It’s not like you’re all gonna look at me like a crazy person now, right?! If you have any tips to cure anxiety, please send them my way! Until then, try to keep calm and take a deep breath, Xo.


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