Mascara Review #5

Week Five

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara in Black



  1. They say it’s waterproof and they mean it. I was wearing this mascara when the “run-in” happened. And it stayed on when I cried my eyes out later that night…rubbing them and all. So I thank you Stila, for not making me look hideous, when I felt that way. 
  2. It holds a great curl.
  3. Made my lashes look full and I felt it topped off my makeup nicely.
  4. Perfect to build on or rock to coats and have great all day lashes.


  1. I wish it lengthened my lashes a little more, but the volume made up for that. 

This mascara is already in purse and will be used as an everyday mascara once the reviews are over. I really fell in love with it, I think it’s a great formula. It held a curl and if I didn’t curl my lashes it gave me a great natural curl look. I recommend this mascara to anyone, I think it’s pretty close to being the perfect mascara (if only it made my lashes a teeny bit longer..maybe I just need to get fake lashes..) To experience this great mascara for yourself, head over this way; Until next time, Xo.


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