A day in the life

On Monday, I headed to Jersey with one of my childhood best friends, Dana, who is pregnant with her first baby! We were off for a day of looking for things for the little peanut.


Before I left I got in some extra buggy lovin’


We stopped at a local deli to grab some breakfast and I was excited to finally try this new Starbucks iced coffee. It was a struggle for me to decide what coffee to get cause they had snickerdoodle hot coffee (which I love!), but I went for the iced and wasn’t disappointed.


First stop was ikea, where we always have a lot of fun. The lines were SO LONG (as you can see from the first picture..never go to ikea on President’s Day.) So we passed the time, by putting on lip gloss and taking selfies, haha. We then headed to buy buy baby, which has the coolest stuff for babies, and Dana got some really cute maternity clothes. (fyi, Jessica Simpson has the cutest maternity line!) Being the bad blogger I am, I totally forgot to take pictures here and at dinner, whoops. But I did take a pic of the coolest thing I saw at a local mall..



How fun is this?!?!? A Willy Wonka vending machine!

We headed back to her house so I could help her set up her bedroom with all her new goodies. I just love her doggies, PJ, Zeus, and Evie, they each have their own distinct personality (as you can see below.) Zoey loves having play dates with them!



How cute is Zeus peeking out from under the bed?



I just love the location of this mirror as you head down the stairs in her condo. Last time we went to ikea, we got that vase to add something to the hallway, I think it’s the perfect fit.


After a lovely day, filled with laughs and tons of baby stuff, I headed home to relax with my little girl (we love to hold hands) and watch the Bachelor and The Following, both of which were really good. All and all, I’d have to say it was a day well spent! Until tomorrow, Xo.


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