A Book In Review


I just finished ‘Crash’ by Nicole Williams. The book is a modern take on Romeo and Juliet with a bunch of high school drama in between. I loved the story and characters almost immediately, the story sucked me in from the beginning. I stumbled upon it on the Barnes and Nobles website and got it for a steal ($3.99!) To my surprise, it happens to be book one of a trilogy. The story is about a soon to be high school senior, Lucy, who is a ballerina and is starting at a new school. Her past is filled with heartache and she wants desperately for her future to not have more of the same. Her story is gripping and you feel a connection with her from the get go. When she meets Jude, a bad boy with a drama filled past of his own, her world is turned upside down. This morning when I had about 30 pages left, babytooth’s mom (my beautiful aunt) dropped off ‘ Bared To You’ which I’ve been dying to read, and planned on starting once I finished ‘Crash’, but when I reached the end and there was a sample of the second book ‘Clash’, I read about two pages to know I would be reading this next..I instantly headed over to bn.com and picked it up for $4.99 (bargain!) and found out that the third book is coming out in April! I love a good series and so far this one hasn’t disappointed. The book is filled with quotes, which I love, and I’ve been drafting them to twitter to post when the mood strikes. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a story of two young lovers trying to find themselves and become better than their pasts’. Now back to ‘Clash’ I go…Xo.

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