Slow Cooker Sunday!

In honor of pjs all day, I’m making my Grandma’s beef stew. I always loved cold winter days when I would come home after a long day of school and cheerleading to find my gram had made her beef stew. It’s the easiest recipe, but it’s full flavored and always delish. Every time I make it, it reminds me of her and all of our special times, and makes me miss her even more than I do. Always in my heart gram<3.


Grandma’s Beef Stew

Yields 5; 1 cup servings

Beef Cubes (about a pound and half)

Baby Carrots (about half a bag); put in whole

Celery; diced into 1/4 inch pieces

Potatoes; diced (I used baby red potatoes, that way I only had to dice em in half)

1 Package of Onion Soup Mix

1 cup Water

2 tbsp Flour

Combine all of the above in crockpot and stir. Cook on high for 6 hours or low for 8. Half hour before serving, add 2 tbsps flour to thicken up the base. I add a little bit of pepper once I put the serving in my bowl. And enjoy! Told ya it was easy, Xo.


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