Spread the Love.

I wanted to take a minute to give props to some of my favorite blogs.

I love thesmallthingsblog, Kate has great tutorials and giveaways. And I love her witty personality in her posts about life. And I like that her relationship with her sister reminds me of mine with babytooth.

Cupcakesandcashmere to say I’m obsessed with Emily’s website, would be a slight understatement. From her pics to how tos, to her manis, I have a full blown love for the most well put together blog (in my opinion) on the internet.

Taralynn, the author of undressedskeleton is a pure inspiration. Her weight loss journey is an amazing story. Her website includes some really delicious recipes and ideas of how to make everyday foods guilt free. And her photography of each dish is great! Oh and she’s gorgeous and her dog is super cute!

I’m not shy to admit that I love Elle and Blair Fowler from youtube fame. Their interactive website elleandblair.com is any girly girls dream come true!

And last, but certainly not least, Pearls and Paris here on wordpress. I love their Daily Inspiration post, they always seem to be exactly what I need. The girl behind the blog seems to be really sweet and I always look forward to her post on my reader. I’m really glad I follow her!

Who’s blogs are you lovin’? Let me know so I can show some love, Xo.


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