Some nights…

All you need is good food and great friends or great food and good friends. Either way you put it, last night was it for me! I went out for sushi with one of my old cheerleaders, Sara and her mom, Dawn. We go out for sushi once a month and it’s always a fun night I look forward too. We go to the same place (we even have “our table” there..) and almost always get the same thing, but it’s still a highlight of every month for me. get-attachment.aspx

I got a spicy crab roll with extra spicy mayo and fried bananas with a scoop of chocolate ice cream! 

We spend a lot of time getting caught up on what’s been happening in our lives and discussing theories about ‘Pretty Little Liars’. I know I’ve posted a lot lately about needing nights like these, but honestly I would never turn down a chance to have great laughs…I hope you all have a beautiful weekend, Xo!


p.s. Does anyone notice a trend that I only seem to post pics of food from my fun nights?! 😉


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