a day in the life.

I had a jam packed Saturday evening, after work (where I shared a slice of delicious carrot cake with my favorite co-worker Kathy), we headed to IHOP to get some dinner.  I had the french vanilla coffee and banana cream pancakes, which were too die.


After we filled our bellies, my dad, my friend Mercy, baby bestie, and I headed over to the rink to see my cousin Tom (baby bestie’s big bro) play some hockey. They ended up losing, but played a great game.



After the game, I went back to baby bestie’s house to hang. We ended up learning how to twerk (we both are terrible, by the way..) and then tried to stuff marshmallows in our mouth and try to talk. I could only do 4, she was able to do 6, and Tom was able to fit 15 in his mouth and still talk. It was a lot of silly fun.



I found a ‘World’s Best Dancer’ award in bb’s room and asked her if it was for me..she just laughed and took my pic with it.

I’m so very blessed to have a great family that I’m so close with, I’m thankful for each of them everyday. Until tomorrow, Xo.


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