Mascara Review #9

Week Nine (only one week left!)

Korres Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara in Obsidian Black




  1. This mascara reminded me a lot of Covergirl’s Lash Blast. I wore that two years ago and it was my go-to mascara and this formula in my opinion was very similiar. 
  2. It stayed on when I cried, but was still really easy to remove.
  3. Easy to build on.


  1. The brush made it a little difficult to reach my inner lashes.  
  2. Not that big of a lengthening mascara, but it does give great volume.

I really liked this mascara. I thought the formula was great and easy to build on. The dark black color was really good too and stayed on when I shed some tears (I’m not even going to apologize for crying anymore, I’ve turned into a crier in my old age I guess..whatevs.) It’s definitely a day mascara in my opinion, but you could add a coat of a more dramatic one for night and wouldn’t have to worry about clumps. Check it out here; Until tomorrow, Xo.


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