Woman Crush(es) Wednesday!

Okay, so today I’m going to talk about my “girl crushes”. I think a “girl crush” is any woman you look to for inspiration, humor, fashion tips, or just all around think they’re gorgeous. (babytooth and I are slightly obsessed with our girl crushes..) So here’s my round-up for ladies I’ve got love for…

Khloe Kardashian Odom

khloe-kardashian-031611-2 khloe-kardashian-and-vince-short-crochet outfit of the day 7.121349898707_khloe-kardashian-zoom

I adore Khloe. She is so funny and just has a great out look on life. I also really appericate how she puts herself out there about her body issues. Her and I seem to have the same struggles in our own skin and it’s refreshing to have her in the limelight letting people know she has issues, but will continue to be her. I think her honesty and “bad bitch” attitude also make me like her, she doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks. I have a yearbook from my senior year, where a guy from my class wrote this “You don’t care what anyone thinks, and I like that about you. Always have” and that’s exactly how I feel about Mrs. Odom!

Melissa Rycroft



Melissa Rycroft to me is perfection. You may remember her as the girl who won the Bachelor and then got dumped for the runner up on national tv..or as a the winner of DWTS All Stars..or the author of ‘My Reality’ (which I highly recommend, it’s so honest and a great read.) I like to think of Melissa as my celebrity friend (we talk on twitter all the time and when I met her in June, she knew my name! It was by far the coolest moment of my life.) In her book, she puts herself out there and isn’t afraid to admit she was a “hot mess” during a rough patch of her life, and I applaud her for that. That’s hard to admit to even your closest friends, but to put it out there for the world to read?? Super brave. She’s super stylish and has a nack for mixing high end stuff with things she bought at Target. I just love her. (ps. the last 2 pics are my personal ones from meeting her!!)

Britney Spears



I have been fully obsessed with Brit since high school..I went through a phase where I did 1,000 crunches a day just cause she did (and yes, it paid off..) I thought I was Britney. I would make my friends record me remaking her music videos, would wear a ring on my right middle finger just cause she did, rocked low rise, fringed topped jeans, and belly baring shirts. It was a fab time in my life..I still remember every outfit I wore in each of my videos (there were many.) Say what you’d like about her, but she is a person who took the absolute worse situation and turned it around (many times!) and always came out better for it. She is a stunning woman and her music can put me in an instant good mood. (How hot is that Elle cover?! It’s my favorite pic of her of all time…damn girl.)

I feel like all three of my woman crushes are great women and role models, each in their own way. They each inspire me to be better and I’m extremely proud to share my love for them with you! Until next time, Xo.

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