Pretty Pastels.

Around this time every year, I always fall in love with all the pastel colors. I find myself saying “Awe how cute” or “Oh, I love” to each and every spring colored thing. This post on the other day literally made me so happy. I want to try all of these pastel desserts..especially the Cotton Candy Cones and Maccaroons (which I see all over the internet and still have yet to find in my real life..) You can find the pastel colors in almost everything from desserts, to manis (which you can read about my feelings on those here), to dresses, to home decor. Here’s a round-up of all things pastel I’m currently gushing over…



My favorite manicure..EVER & Easter M&M’s



How cute are these chickies?! You can find them at Pier1



A pretty field of tulips.



Rainbow Easter Eggs

Now if only some flowers would be able to start to bloom and the outdoors would start to embrace the pastels, I’d be all set! Laters, Xo.


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