Throwback Saturday! Part 1

I know that ‘Throwback Saturday’ isn’t a real thing, but I was feeling nostalgic after going out to dinner with one of my oldest friends, Jen/JMichele, last night, and I didn’t want to wait til I invented ‘Throwback Saturday’. Jen and I have been friends since 4th grade (so we’re going on our 21st friend-aversary this year.) We had so much fun growing up together and have some pretty wild memories, so catching up with her always gets my mind thinking of the wayyy past. Here are some of my favorite things about my childhood;


Last week, btooth asked me what my fave cereal ever was. And I responded with “that’s by far the hardest question you’ve ever asked me” Cereal, of almost any kind is my favorite food, ever. But I narrowed it down to 5 different types, and one of them was from my childhood, but I couldn’t remember the name of it. So I headed to google and volia! I absolutely loved ‘Freakies’ which can be described as “crunchy honey tasting spaceships with marshmallow freakies”. They were seriously delish. (And I remember collecting stickers that they gave away in the boxes.)

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Mall Madness, Meet Me At The Mall, Dream Phone, and Girl Talk were my absolute favorite games as a kid. When I wasn’t playing Barbies, you could find me playing them. ( This website has a pretty funny overview of 5 games I loved..I was obsessed with the VHS board games…I can only remember two, but I loved them.)


I can remember the day Jen and I went to the mall to get the MMMBop CD single. We also got pop rocks. It was a pretty legit day.

As an Elementary schooler, I pretty much always wore a dress. I was a prissy, dressy type of kid I guess. Funny side story; Jen and I were in the same reading class in 5th grade and we (as a class) had to write and perform a play. Well homegirl can still tell you how pissed she was at me because I had to be one of the two princesses in the story. Even now, as adults, she will tell the story and say “K of course, HAD, to be a princess.” I think she is harboring some unresolved issues towards me…


As far as TV was concerned, I couldn’t miss Rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold, or Legends of the Hidden Temple. I had a huge obsession with Clarissa Explains It All, I lovedddd that show! I was also big into Are You Afraid Of The Dark? and Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiago? Does anyone remember Stick Stickly? He was the host of the afternoon programming on Nick in the Summer. He was a popsickle stick and he would sing and make jokes. I still can sing you his address..”Write to me, Stick Stickly..”

Check back next Saturday for part 2! Xo

And to stick to the past couple of weeks, here’s what I had to eat last night;



A delicious cumin steak and chicken quesadilla with herb sour cream. And by far the cutest thing I ever seen, a carrot cake cakepop that looked like a baby chick! Complete with a little pink bow and everything, too. die. Xo.

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