Mascara Review #10

Week Ten

Sephora Collection Outrageous Volume Mascara in Ultra Black



  1. The black color in this was really black and would be great for a night time mascara.
  2. It did volumize.


  1. It comes off super easy. It came off when I got my hair done and my face got wet..I again looked like a raccoon.
  2. The brush was weird, it was hard to get good coverage on all my lashes. And the closer I got, mascara got all over my lids.

I wasn’t a huge fan of this mascara. I didn’t care for the formula or the brush. The only thing I really liked was the dark black color (which is strange cause I normally don’t like dark black mascaras..) I think I’ll keep this one on hand to put over a lengthening mascara. Want more info, head over here;

This concludes my Lash Stash Mascara Reviews, hope you enjoyed them and got some good info out my posts. Until tomorrow, Xo.


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