A Book In Review.

I just finished ‘Kidnapped The Wrong Sister’ by Marie Kelly. I got this book on my free book rampage on bn.com and it was okay. The story was good, I just wasn’t blown away by it. The story is a case of mistaken identity (“Wow, K…really, we couldn’t tell from the title!”) and then the two become fast lovers and trouble ensues from there. It was a typical romance-y type book. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. For being free, it wasn’t bad. *Side note; I am really starting to hate happy endings in books. Like life doesn’t always end that way (rarely does), but all these damn books gotta be so happy happy. Womp womp womp, stupid. (I’m writing this in a semi-bad mood..) I think this is the first time I’ve given out spoilers, so if you took the time to read this, I’m sorry. Next up, is ‘Murder On The Mind’ by L.L. Bartlett. Here’s hoping it blows my socks off (and as I write this I’m in flats and not wearing socks. Whoops..) Xo.

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