Throwback Saturday! Part 2

So here we are, it’s Saturday again! Which means here’s round two of my ‘Throwback Saturday’ (you can see last week’s here) This week I’m going to focus on some of my fave things from growing up…Let’s “Hop” to it..! (Like that Easter Bunny reference I did Oh, I’ll work on it)

tumblr_m1vuuvorg01rsfzk5o1_500 tumblr_ll90qsMKFX1qcquuyo1_500

Barbie was a staple in my house. (Okay, she still is.) She legit has it all…cars, shoes, clothes, houses, careers, boyfriends…Bitch has everything.


Who remembers Pogs?!? Omg, I loved collecting these little things. I was never 100% sure how to “play” pogs, but I just wanted to collect all the rad ones. And I had a heavy gold slammer that was out of this world cool.


I went to babytooth’s a couple of weeks ago and her brother (also my cousin) has been cleaning out their families basement to make a workshop space for himself. He took me down there to show me how it was coming along, but all I cared about was seeing if he kept any of our old playtoys. And sure enough, he kept all our favorites! I absolutely loved the Fisher Price Checkout Register! That thing was (and still is) one of my fave childhood toys. It kept us busy for hours.

I know last week I talked about what tv I was digging back in the day, but can we just talk about how awesome the game shows were?! Double Dare, Supermarket Sweep, Shop Til You Drop, Legends Of The Hidden Temple, Finders Keepers were all must sees in my house. Like why isn’t there anything like this now-a-days?! I’m talking a get your hands dirty, right there in it, type of game show. Or at least show us re-runs of the good ones! Until the next time I wanna take a trip down memory lane! Xo


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