See Ya March…

Phew, is it just me or did March FLY by? However, I can’t say I’m sad to see it go. The month and certain dates hold a lot of memories for me, so it’ll be nice to not be in a random bad mood cause of a date. (Disclosure; that’s not to say I’m in a good mood every other month of the year..) Anywho, today’s Easter, so I’m spending it with my mom’s side for a low-key late lunch. Easter’s never been a big holiday for my family, so it’s nice to not have to run around like a crazy trying to see everyone. I’ve made these ‘Cookie Dough Bars’ that I found on pinterest (here’s the recipe) with baby bestie last night during our girls night.


I hope they taste as good as they look! I saw the idea to do a chevron pattern on them here

Since the month kind of got away from me, I was looking through my drafts and realized I missed posting some really great things ( like ‘Mid Month Favorites’ and ‘Ides of March?’) so look for the ‘Mid Month Favorites’ post in April and for some other fun posts I’ve been working on. Thanks for joining me for another month, here’s to a better April! Xo



Me with my cousin’s bunny, Benny!

Oh PS. Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate!! And if you don’t celebrate Easter, hope you still ate something yummy today! đŸ˜‰

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