At home treatments.

I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing more at home spa-like treatments. I’ve been searching pinterest for some ideas and I always find myself googling new ideas. I’m looking for anything hair related or how to get smoother skin. So here’s some of the things I’ve stumbled across;

coconut oil

Coconut oil! I’ve read that it can do wonders for your hair and can even help til stay strong while growing it out (hmmm…does that sound like something I’d like? UMM, Duh!) It says on numerous sites that it can help get rid of spilt ends and adds shine. I think it’s worth a shot.


2 egg yolks and 2 tbsp of olive oil. A co-worker of mine has said her mom has mixed these two (with mayo) together and made a mask for her hair for years. I’ve seen it on pinterest as well. I’m intrigued. I’m a little concerned that it will leave my hair greasy cause of the oil, but it says it can make it stronger, shiner, and more manageable. I think it’s something I’d like to try…and it’d be cheaper than going out to get coconut oil right away.

One of my favorite blogs on here, 3citygirlsnyc posted a do it yourself scrub the other day. And I’m definitely wanting to try this. And I like the idea that you can add different oils to make it smell differently. I think I’d like to add a summer smell to it and use it all summer to get rid of dead skin to keep my legs smooth and too keep my tan.

If you have any tips or any d-i-y treatments you do at home, send them my way! Laters, Xo.

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Red Carpet Style.

Today’s RCS is actually for an event that took place on Saturday night..the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. I thought it was going to take me a while to find the right look on polyvore, but nope, the dress was on the first page. I think it’s perfect for the event and would look great with my (blue!) eyes. I’d wear my hair up in a low bun with curls. I love the necklace that was paired with the dress already, so I just found the perfect silver dressy sandals and a pretty delicate white clutch. I think it’d be a magical night to remember!


I really wish I could have a real RCS event to go to..I have a wedding I’m going to next month, I guess that’ll have to do. Xo.

Sunday Funday!



Here’s some motivation for your Sunday. I got this quote off of Khloe Kardashian’s website (we all know I’m obsessed with her!) I plan on taking full advantage of my day off and definitely getting outside to enjoy the sunshine. Miss Zoey and I are going to take a nice walk. I’m going to read and work on some blog posts. And of course, do a mani/pedi. Enjoy your Sunday my blog friends, Xo!


Oh, and let me just say a big CONGRATS to my NY Rangers on making the playoffs!<33333

You know it’s been a long week and that I don’t feel well when I set up the 4pm pick me up for Wednesday instead of Thursday. Ooy, so since I messed it’s another 4pm pick me up for today!

I’m not wasn’t big into country music, but I’m starting to become more of a fan. My good friends (more like family) Dawn and Sarah showed me this song this past Saturday night when we went out for sushi, and I just can’t get enough! It’s so so so good! Blast this with the windows down, until tomorrow my friends, Xo.


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A Spring Cold..

Okay, I promise my post aren’t all going to start with the word “Spring”. I’ve done caught myself a cold…ugh, being sick stinks. I’ve been sure to keep up on my fluids, but my nose is just so stuffed and my head is so heavy. So why am I telling you all this, you may be asking. I’ve decided I’m gonna share my “how to get over a cold” must haves…(Thrilling post, isn’t it? Cut me some slack, I wanted to make sure I post everyday and my brain feels like mush…)

  1. A box of tissues..the softer the better.
  2. Lots and lots of juice, lemonade, and water. Gotta stay hydrated.
  3. Hot tea and honey. We all know I’m about the flavored tea so having a cold gives me an excuse to drink more.
  4. Spicy soups. Call me crazy, but a spicy soup does two, it is good for your sore throat and two, it gets your nose running.
  5. Daytime and nighttime cold medicine. The liquid is better cause it gets into your system faster, but I can’t do it all the time, so I stick with liquagels.
  6. A cuddly puppy or cat. Or stuffie. (Stuffed animal that is.)
  7. A cozy blanket.
  8. A full dvr or lots of movies! I recommend Sweet Home Alabama, A Walk to Remember, Homeland (Season 1 & 2) and The Carrie Diaries (which you can find on the
  9. A neti-pot. Which for those of you who don’t know what that is. It’s a small plastic watering can looking thing that you put warm water with salt saline in and then you put it in one nostril, tip your head over the sink, and let it drain through your sinuses and out the other nostril. I know it sounds strange, but trust me it does wonders. Also be sure to breath out of your mouth while using it, otherwise you feel like your choking.
  10. Vicks Vapor Rub. My grandma swore by this stuff any time I was sick as kid. Just throw some under your nose and on your chest before bed and you’ll be able to breath better, promise.
  11. A really good chapstick. I’m using a Nivea lip butter in Raspberry and Rose (which isn’t my favorite one out of the three flavors, but I just use it before bed.) I get super chapped lips when I have a cold cause I become such a mouth breather. Ughs.

I hope this list helps you the next time you’re feeling under the weather, I promise tomorrow’s post will be better…I hope, until then, Xo.


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