A Book In Review.

I finished “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher yesterday. I read this book back in October and absolutely loved it. So on Tuesday, when it popped back into my mind, I just had to read it again. The story is so gripping, it just sucks you in. The story starts with one of the narrators, Clay Jenkins, mailing a package. And then, it goes back to when he first received the package, leading you to the other narrator, Hannah Baker. The book is sad and eye-opening. It makes you step back and think of how your life and actions have affected others. It’s a young adult novel, but I think everyone at any age could learn something from it. I’ve never read anything like it…I first heard about it from Selena Gomez’s facebook page (I think it was her’s or maybe it was Ashley Tisdale’s? Hmm, I can’t exactly remember..), but I remember reading that she was so passionate about the story and thinking “hey, let me look for that book..” and the rest is history. They want to make this book into a film, and if they do, I hope they do it justice. I think the book and film (if it does get made into one.) should be shown in high schools across the country. Kids in school could learn a lot from the book and how what they say, do, and how they react to one another affects everyone around them. The book left a big impact with me, bigger the second time than the first. If you don’t like reading to “learn” something from the text, the story alone is worth the read. It will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last word.  If you never take any of my book recommendations again, do yourself a favor and take this one. For more reviews of this amazing novel, head over to 13rwproject.com  Until next time, Xo.

PS. I know I said I was going to read ‘Murder On The Mind’ next and I totally did start it, but when ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ popped in my mind, I just had to read it. I’ll get around to finishing ‘Murder On The Mind’ soon…promise.


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