End of week recap

We’ve finally reached Friday..I’ve neglected my blog all week cause of the new job. So I promise I’ll work on not letting this happen again. But here’s a mini recap of my week!! (I’ll start all the way back at Saturday)
Saturday after work, I went out for dinner with my friend Mercy and my dad, then we went to a glee show at the college where my dad works. It was a great show and the singing (& dancing!) was amazing. I was really surprised how great all the acts were.
Sunday I had the ‘quarterback or cheerleader’ gender reveal party for one of my childhood friends (you can read more about that here..) and then I went home and got myself prepared for my new job!
Monday was my first day at the office and let me tell you, thinking and learning is hard stuff! I haven’t had to think at work in a really long time (a little background-I’ve been a store manager for almost 10 years at the same place, so work is like second nature there. I’m basically on auto-pilot and nothing really stumps me, but if it does I know where or who to track down for an answer..) so learning a whole different field is quite tiring. I won’t bore you with what I did each day at the new place. But I will tell you that, I get to dress up everyday (Friday, I can rock jeans..) and I have a cute cubical!
The rest of the week, is kinda a blur, by the time I got to work at the store Friday afternoon (my new job is only part time right now, so I’m still at the store 3 days a week..) I couldn’t believe I had missed a whole week of blogging. (I did post Wednesday, but I missed all the other days)
I’ve got some fun things planned for this weekend;
Saturday I have a bridal shower brunch and then am going to go see the play ‘Our Town’ at my dad’s college (but k, there’s a rangers game?! I know, thank goodness for dvr!!)
Sunday I plan on doing absolutely nothing…! Okay, that’s a lie, I have to go get two new pairs of dress pants and do laundry, but I plan on wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt, so please excuse my appearance in advance!
I promise I’m going to work on some blog posts Sunday as well, I’ve got some fun things in the works!! Until next time, xo!

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