Stolen Twitter Talk Tag…

Okay, I’ve decided to take some of the twitter talk question for Elle Fowler’s latest twitter talk video (watch it here for her answers..) and some other questions, I got from her sister’s latest twitter talk vid (watch Blair’s here)

  1. How many pets do I have? I have one dog (Zoey) and two cats (Rbi and Wally)
  2. Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy? Sure do, I’ve watched it from the beginning.
  3. If you can be a guest star on any tv show, who and what would it be? I’m actually gonna steal Elle’s answer and just change the star I’d like to be a love interest I’d like to be on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and be a love interest for Stefan! 
  4. Do you like Taylor Swift? I don’t really care for her. She kinda bugs me, that being said I do like some of her songs. 
  5. Would you like more pets? I used to want to have as many pets as I could get, but Zoey is all I need. She’s my baby and I don’t want to share my love with another dog.
  6. Would you like to travel the world? YESSSS! My dream is to be on ‘The Amazing Race’ to get to travel and try to win a million dollars.
  7. What animal do you feel you most resemble? I think a cat. I love to nap..
  8. Would you rather have no kids or 10 kids? No kids. I don’t want kids.
  9. Did you ever have braces? Nope, and I should have.
  10. Do you ever want to get more piercings? Hmm, maybe another hole in my ears, but I have 3 in each and one in my cartilage, but only ever wear the first holes. So it’d be kinda a waste.
  11. Would you rather have several duck size horses or just one horse sized duck? Several duck size horses.
  12. Do you have a boyfriend? Nope, but I’m looking for someone tall and funny….and cute.
  13. How do you take your coffee? Skim milk and sugar. (Does depends on the place where it’s from.

If you wanna do this tag, make sure you leave me a comment with your answers cause I’d love to check it out! Xo


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