I watched Ellen yesterday and everyone should watch the new Lifetime movie ‘Call Me Crazy’ that premieres on Saturday, April 20th at 8pm. I’ve heard a lot about the film lately, and was interested in watching, but after seeing Jennifer Aniston (who is one of the directors) on Ellen talking about it, I can’t wait to check it out. There are five mini stories within this one film, each dealing with a different mental illness and how it effects the successful woman who has it. The casting list is full of great names and the amount of talent in this movie is going to be awesome. Head over to this website to get more info about the film; http://www.mylifetime.com/movies/call-me-crazy-a-five-film For more information about Brittany Snow’s foundation ‘Love Is Louder’ head over this way; http://www.loveislouder.com/


ps. If any of you saw this episode of Ellen and saw Jennifer’s hair, can we just discuss how to die her cut is?!? I am growing my hair out and that’s exactly what I want my hair to look like by summer (PLEASE GROWWWW!!) If you didn’t see it, here is a pic cause I’m just full on obsessed.



You’re probably thinking “K, it’s just a mid-length layer, angled cut. Not a big deal” and yes, that’s all true…I just haven’t had hair that long since December and am dying for it. I’m also feeling this one;



This post wasn’t supposed to be totally about haircuts I want, but hey, it’s Friday. Enjoy your Friday my bloggy friends, Xo!


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