Wishful Wednesday-Home Edition!

Okay for this Wishful Wednesday, I’m going to talk about my dream home. Watching Celebrity Apprentice this past Sunday and they had on some really cool new lg home products. The fridge actually can send the grocery list to your phone and then once you get home you add what you got off the list, to the touch screen on the refrigerator and it actually gives you recipes! I need that in my dream home. I’ve always been obsessed with the Kelly Ripa commercials for electrolux products. That stove top that boils water in 90 seconds?!? Um, yes please! And that washer and dryer combo, sure I’ll take that too. Ah, and that’s just the essentials. I’d love a jacuzzi tub and a huge shower with a rain faucet. In the April issue of InStyle magazine, there was a “color challenege” and they had some awesome ideas for the home. I really loved the ideas of a dark kitchen wall and have light fixture with a pop of color. I also fell in love with the ombre desk, o-m-g, it’s soooo cute!



For a more in depth look at some of the things I covet for my dream home, check out my board on pinterest! And if you have a dream home board on pinterest, leave it in the comments so I check yours out too!!


Until tomorrow, Xo!

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