A Book In Review…Where are you??

Okay so if you follow my blog, you might be thinking “Where are the book reviews?” I haven’t posted a book review in a couple of weeks and there’s a good reason for that. I have been reading and writing reviews, but I’m signed up to be a part of numerous book tours this summer. I’m a part of chicklitplus.com’s book reviewers. So basically what that means is, I sign up, read the book, review it, and on my day during the tour it’ll be posted here and on chicklitplus.com. It’s a great way to get my reviews out there and more publicity for the author. I’m super, super excited about this and hope you all look forward to a summer of reviews! I will be posting more reviews here in the mean time once I start reading books that aren’t required for the tours. If you have any books you’re looking for me to read and review, please contact me directly via email; kpaine718@aol.com


Until tomorrow my bloggy pals, Xo!


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