Okay, so has anybody else ever struggled with weight loss? Ugh, I know plenty of people have. I just always feel like I’m alone in it. (Which I’m totally not, everyone around me is super supportive.) I just feel like it’s so damn hard. And it is, and bitching doesn’t help. But I’m a starting over, yet again (anybody remember when Charlotte on Sex and the City read that self-help book?!) So here’s to tracking (I’ve been a member of weightwatchers online and if you follow the program it really works..and I even lost 25 lbs at one point. I just get lazy and never track my food..) everyday and to really start working out more (I like to walk, so I’m going to start walking everyday I can) I need to start making better recipes at home (I do try to eat a salad everyday..) and get back to what I was doing before, no more slacking! Please comment or tweet me or email me, if you are struggling too and just wanna vent, or even if ya wanna chat, cause I could always another support system! For inspiration, go read undressedskeleton.com, Taralynn’s story. She’s an amazing inspiration and I want to make everything she posts. Here’s to a healthier lifestyle, Xo.


2 thoughts on “#thestruggle

  1. Hii there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Regarding your post, I’ve been struggling a bit with weight. Ever since I started to live in the UK, 3 years ago, every time i go back home I gain like 3 or 4 kilos.. It drives me crazy, but i cant help it. I have all these dinners with my parents, parents-in-law and friends and drinks and good food. It’s always like that. Right now I’ve been on a healthy diet for a week. I go to the gymn 2 sometimes 3 times a week. I do zumba and spin. I eat healthy everyday, salads, chicken, smoked salmon, loads of fruit and veggies. It really was hard the first couple of day but now I’m sure i lost some weight and i feel less bloated 🙂 SO hang in there!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s definitely a struggle. I need to keep myself more accountable for my choices. I get so caught up in that I had 5 good days, so I can slack off for 2 and then the two becomes a week. I just need to stick to my plan and remember that I won’t change over night. It’s a lifelong journey to make a healthy life. Thank you again for your comment and if you ever need to chat, please contact me =) Good luck to you, it seems you’ve found a great system. Zumba looks like so much fun, I think I’m going to need to try it! Xo

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