Makeup MAYhem; Post #1

Okay, if you don’t know what “Makeup MAYhem” is, it’s basically a youtube (maybe some other blogs do it, I’ve only seen it on yt) thing, where beauty gurus post a video everyday or every other day in May. They’re all makeup related, so I’ve decided to do the same. If you saw, I posted a pic of my list of posts that I’ll do for MAYhem, it was 10 posts, but I’ve ended up with 11. So here’s the first one, it wasn’t on the list, but read on to find out why….

Makeup MAYhem; Post #1- Haul

Have you ever gone into a drugstore to pick up one or two things and end up leaving with 13?! Well, that’s what happened to me on Saturday night. I went to Rite-Aid after getting my hair-highlighted for nail polish remover, icy hot (for my dad), and toilet paper. I ended up spending $40!!



I wandered around the store literally looking and smelling everything. As I walked down each aisle, I realized I needed something things. So here’s a look at what I got- I left the toilet paper and icy hot out of the pic. But here’s a glimpse of what I got. I needed a new body wash and am obsessed with coconut smelling ones for summer so I grabbed the SoftSoap Body Butter in Coconut Scrub. I figure it’ll be good to get all the dead winter skin off with this and I’ll smell nice too. Cotton candy is my favorite treat ever, so I had to pick some up. It’s fat free, so that made the decision so much easier. I grabbed a bottle of much needed nail polish remover. I change my mani and pedi every Sunday, so this is a must have. I picked up the Rite-Aid brand of strengthening remover. I also needed a new bottle of body lotion. I have extremely dry skin so I decided to get the Rite-Aid brand of Advanced Healing body lotion with no fragrance. I needed more makeup removing wipes and the Maybelline Clean Express ones are my FAVORITE, ever! Try them, they’re life changing. (And also an April Fave, so you’ll see it again in that post!) My friend, Tara, who is my hair dresser had on the prettiest polish, so after searching the nail polish aisle for one similar I stumbled upon this Sinful Colors one. It’s the prettiest pinkish coral color and it’s this week’s mani/pedi. I had run into my black liner braking so I’ve been using my back up grey one. So I picked up a new black one, it’s the CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus in black onyx. So all of this plus two 4 packs of tp and the icy hot ended up being forty dollars. Ugh, but at least I got some things I really needed and a little haul out of it too! Hope you enjoyed this first makeup MAYhem post! Look for the next 10! Xo



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