a day in the life.

This past Sunday, my dad, my friend Mercy, baby bestie, and I went to a Cupcake Festival. (If you don’t know my obsession with cupcakes, then you must be new around here, so welcome! Please look back to December in the archives and you’ll see just how obsessed I am…) We hit the streets on a gorgeous day ready to try some different cupcakes..



We took a look around at each booth and decided where we wanted to get our first ones to try. We each ordered something different so we could take a taste of each.

(I can not get this darn photo to rotate…) But the bottom one is Mercy’s and she had a banana pudding cupcake. The one with the green flower was baby bestie’s and it’s a caramel apple one. The one with the blue pearl was mine and it was red velvet..surprise, surprise, I know. And the one with the cherry was my dad’s and it was root beer float. It was unanimous that Mercy’s banana pudding one was the fave one of this round.
We then headed to find something else to put in our bellies and some iced tea! And I found the coolest food of the day..
A “Chipstix” it was a fried potato that you could put any of those flavors on it. I opted for Mexican Chili (since it was Cinco de Mayo) and it was really yummy! I love to find unique treats at these kind of things and this didn’t disappoint.
We decided it was time to get more cupcakes, so this time, Mercy got a vanilla bean cupcake with cookie and cream frosting and filling. Baby bestie got a chocolate covered strawberry one and I got a french toast cupcake with maple cream cheese frosting. I had wanted a chocolate cupcake with coconut filling and coconut frosting, but it was sold out. But the french toast one was amazing, it was so different and the cake was spot on.
Oh and I got a chocolate coconut maccroon and a pina colada one too! My first macroons ever! Yay!
We then headed to a beauty supply store to pick up something things (look for a another mini Makeup MAYhem haul later this week!-these are always so unplanned, haha.) And while picking out some new nail polishes for the little one we sat down and made some funny faces. We spoke in British accents the whole time we were in the store, it made the day complete. All in all, it was definitely a Sunday Funday. Until tomorrow, Xo!
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