Makeup MAYhem; Post 2


It’s April Favorites Time! (Finally, only 10 days into May, not bad..) Let’s get started…

I got the Loreal Youth Code 3-step system at the end of March and used it everyday morning and night. The kit was $19.99 and each full size product is $19.99, so when I saw the kit, I thought, let me get this to try it. I have some fine lines around my eyes (inner and outer) so I make sure I really apply the serum there. After using the trio for over a month now, I can see a difference. I started using it just at night ( I really like my Aveeno moistrizer for daytime under my makeup cause it helps my dry skin) and am still finishing up these little guys. The smell is great and they’re super light weight. I’m going to purchase the trio again (probably in the trial sizes again, cause it’s last me over a month and is the price of one-kinda a no-brainer.) My next fave is Organix Moroccan Argan Oil. I use these serum once a week (sometimes twice-my hair gets used to products so fast that they leave a film if I use them too many days in a row), this little bottle has been on my shelf since the beginning of the year, you only need a drop. It goes a long way..I really like how it helps my dry ends and makes my hair look smooth. With the humid weather on it’s way, I’m excited to see how this helps my summer hair. In the beginning of April, I found Renpure Organics ‘My stylin’ hair needs strength!’ strengthening conditioner for $2.95!!-it was on close-out. I spotted it and thought, wow, how can I not try this?! It really has done wonders for my hair. I recently picked up another conditioner from this brand (it was also on closeout for $2.95!) I really love the smell of this conditioner, it has a nice perfume-y smell that lasts all day. My nail favorite for April is my favorite nail product ever. I’ve blogged about it before, it’s a MUST if you give yourself at home manis, it’s the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Every single girl, I’ve ever told about this product, swears by it after one try. InStyle named it “best top coat” and it really is. I’ll never use another top coat again. I’m OBSESSED with Extra gum in the flavor Rainbow Sherbet, it takes away any sweet cravings I get in the middle of the day and it’s just too die. It’s kinda hard to find, so if you see it, scoop it up! (Get it? Scoop it up? Sherbert flavored gum…please tell me someone got it. Anyone?…moving on.) I will never use another makeup wipe again after finding my true love in Maybelline’s Clean Express wipes. I haven’t tried any other product in this new set, but I def want to, cause if they’re anything like these bad boys, I’ll be hooked. They smell amazing and get off every last bit of eye makeup. I’m so in love with my Nieva lip butter. I have all three flavors, they are really great on my always dry lips. My final two faves for April are the mascara duo I’ve been loving. I’ve been wearing Benefit’s They’re Real as my first coat and then layering d.j.v. beautenizer on top. I love the length it gives to my lashes and I think it’s the perfect combo.


Hope you enjoyed this second post of ‘Makeup MAYhem’! Let me know what products you’re loving..Until tomorrow, Xo.

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