Makeup MAYhem; Post 3!

Mani Monday!

For this third Makeup MAYhem post, I’m going to do a tutorial on one of my favorite manicures ever. The half-moon! I rocked this mani back in March and I was so obsessed with it (& all the compliments I got on it) that I had to do it again. So here’s a how-to;

You will need; a pair of scissors, circle stickers, 3 polishes-I used ‘Essie Beyond Cozy’, ‘Essie Fiji’, and of course my Seche Vite top coat.


Apply the bottom color…for lighter colors or sparkle-y ones, use two coats.


Cut the circle in halfs.


Once the base color is dry, apply the half circles to the nail.


Apply two coats of the top color. I like to do my first coat lightly so I get a good idea where to follow along the circle. 


Remove circles, apply top coat, and touch up the sides.


Now you have a gorgeous manicure that looks a lot harder to do than it is! I won’t mind if you take all the credit for it at all, bask in the compliments dolls! Until tomorrow, Xo.

p.s. A huge shoutout to my Rangers! #beatthecaps Game 7 tonight! #LGR #nyrbelieve

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