Random Round-Up.


  1. The Cotton Candy frappuccino from Starbucks-cotton candy is by far my favorite treat, so this is a no brainer.
  2. A fish pedicure-I may freak out at first, but I think it’d be really cool.
  3. A ‘Pure Barre’ class-my role model, Melissa Rycroft, has been tweeting about this a lot lately, I wish there was one in my area so I could try it.
  4. White jeans-I’ve never rocked them, maybe this summer will be the year?
  5. Matte nail polish-I borrow babytooth’s matte top coat two months ago and never used it. Matte makes me nervous, I like shiny nails. But I really wanna give it a whirl.
  6. Head to toe one color outfit- InStyle had an article about this, I’ve done black before, but I think I’d like to attempt it in a different color.
  7. Make my own candles-candles are one of my favorite things, so it’d be cool to make my own.
  8. Red lipstick or a bold pink-this one is so out of my comfort zone, but I see it in so many different places.

Anything on this list that you think I must do? Let me know. Or leave a list of random things you’d like to try one day. Laters, Xo.

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