That day…

..I wore a necklace as ‘headgear’.


My mom bought me a super cute sheer leopard print shirt that came with a gold and purple necklace. I threw the necklace on with a long sleeve black tee and jeans on Saturday to go visit some family members and attend a car show fundraiser. After leaving my great aunt’s house it hit me…I could take the layered necklace and pin it in my hair as a headband. I played around with a few different ways before settling on how it looks above. I got tons of compliments on it and absolutely loved the place it took my plain outfit. I think I actually like it better as a headpiece rather than a necklace (sorry, Mom) I will definitely rock this look again. Until tomorrow, Xo!

P.S Let’s Go Rangers!!! #nyrbelieve all day, everyday.


2 thoughts on “That day…

    • Wow, I’m so shocked, I never win anything…! Just sent you an email. Thanks so much, I can’t wait to try making other necklaces into headpieces, xo!

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