Woman Crush Wednesday part 2.

So this #wcw is actually from my first Woman Crush Wednesday, but I just have to give props to my girl, Khloe Kardashian Odom. She LOOKS phenomenal. I have always loved Khloe and her look, but she is going so hard in the gym and working on herself. She is my inspriation everyday when I want an extra treat or when I want to pig out, all I have to do is think “Khloe wouldn’t be eating this” and I move on.




She’s constantly posting pics of her healthy food choices, recipes, and inspiration quotes. It helps me tons to see her so focused and I want to keep on my a-game too. Check out her blog to get her recipes and catch her healthy kick fever! Let me know who’s inspiring you to get fit for the summer and for life in the comments, until tomorrow my beauties, Xo!


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